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Requstory helps you write your ‘user story’ fast.
It has built-in features to help you easily draft and describe features of your project/product.


Why Requstory?

Instead of a tedious extra step in agile, Requstory helps you write great user stories fast to help you give the team important context and associate tasks with the value those tasks bring. User stories serve a number of key benefits

Focus on user

A collection of stories keeps the team focused on solving problems for real users.

Enable collaboration

The team can work together to decide how best to serve the user and meet the defined goal.

Creative solutions

Stories encourage the team to think critically and creatively about how to best solve for an end goal.

Create momentum

With each story, the development team enjoys a small challenge and a small win, driving momentum.

kick start your idea

What would you love to build?

Just specify what you are building and get the functional requirements in your mailbox in minutes.

Launch your own project
Online bookstore

Create user-centered stories for your online bookstore project.

NFT marketplace

Create user-centered stories for your NFT marketplace project.


Create user-centered stories for your healthcare project.


Create user-centered stories for your travel project.

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Chris Lu

"Love it!! This is a huge problem when it comes to user research and product management!."

- Chris Lu Founder,

"Requstory encourages my team to create user stories which in turn encourage the team to think critically and creatively about how to best solve for an end goal."

- Victor John Freelancer

Frequently Asked Questions

Requstory is a user story writing tool that helps you write your product features better and faster. You will be able to describe the product better as it has a preset number of personas and context to help you draft your stories quickly.

Startup founders or product teams looking to define their ideas better will use requstory as a tool to describe their ideas to members of their team. Requstory helps with this process. Also those with an initial idea looking to write out the proposed features will find requstory useful. You can also use requstory for fun projects like "New year resolutions" or "Birthday wishlist"

In the future, requstory will write your user story for you when you simply tell the system what you are building or plan to do. An AI will take your comment and run it through some models to show you a proposed list of user story for the application you are planning. Paid users can see our roadmap and list of proposed features.

Requstory has a free tier. There is a paid option with more features and enterprise user will have to contact us at

In the future, you will be able to make your project public in the future (like Github/Gitlab) so everyone can benefit from your work. Also when an enterprise downloads your project, you will also be rewarded and credited with subscription points.

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